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About Us

Welcome to AwesomeTalentedSouls! A group dedicated to all forms of talent.

Our Target Audience: All deviants.

Our Group Theme: Themeless! (Mixed-media.)
Almost anything goes :w00t:! (No full-frontal nudity though =p)

Our Aim: To help promote all forms of artwork be it literature, animated, artisan, design, art or more. We want to provide a nice environment for deviants of all interests to gather and share their work for comments, faves or critiques. It's never too late to be awesome!

Our Tagline:
Randomness is Awesomeness... Because everyone is awesome!

:party: Welcome, Members, to the #AwesomeTalentedSouls! Please take your time to read this before jumping into the main group stuff xD.

Please take a moment to read the rules we've set out for you.

:megaphone: Not sure which folder your deviation belongs in? Please submit it to the Misc. folder for us to assess the category :).

:star: Respect all members and admins. Troublemakers will not be tolerated.
:star: Please try and submit your work to the correct folders ^^;. Take your time to read the gallery folders lists scattered wherever possible in the group for your information.
:star: NO FULL-FRONTAL NUDITY. It's not appropriate.
:star: The + Submit deviation to group... option is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN in this group. It bypasses the only members can submit content to our gallery process and I do not want to see it. If recognised by our admins we WILL withdraw them. If you love someone else's work enough to want to display it in our group, use the Faves gallery.
:star: We have the right to remove, reject or withdraw submissions in our group if deemed inappropriate.
:star: All film/animation submissions must adhere to the deviantFILM FAQ rules.
:star: Afilliates are welcome - please send a note to the group with the group you represent so we can affiliate.
:star: Questions? Note us or leave a comment on the homepage.
:boogie: But most of all... remember to have fun!

Note: ANYTHING with a mature content filter on must be submitted to the MATURE CONTENT folder. Preferably no mature content on real photographs or film submissions!
UPDATE: Anything that comes to the group without the Mature Content filter activated is deemed "borderline" and will have to be submitted to the "MILD Mature Content" folder which is Non-Filtered submissions that are too risky for the standard folder... Be warned, these also are at risk of rejection if inappropriate.

:helpdesk: Please submit your awesome deviations to the correct folders.

Thank you.

What can a Member do in the group?
:bulletwhite: Members can submit deviations to our gallery (emphasis on submitting to the correct folder) and upto 3 Favourites (a day) to our Faves folder.
:bulletwhite: You can promote the group by mentioning us in your signature or mentioning us in your profile journal :).
:bulletwhite: You can make comments on the homepage, Gallery and Favourites pages.
:bulletwhite: You can add us to your DeviantWATCH.
:bulletwhite: You can send us a note with queries or other group affiliation requests.

What happens if I submit something to the incorrect folder?
:bulletblack: First of all you really should read through the descriptions of each folder (located at the left-hand side of the Gallery page, or even the folder names are a hint themselves of the content they should hold ^^;. If an admin notices that you have submitted something to the incorrect folder, they will inform you about it but will most likely reject your submission - a rejection counts towards part of your submissions per week limit!
:bulletblack: All deviations, regardless of sub-category, with a mature content warning MUST go to the MATURE CONTENT folder for a thorough approval process.

Why was my submission rejected?
:bulletorange: The most common case for a submission to be rejected is because it has been submitted to the wrong folder and an admin won't accept it that way. Usually they will send you a comment explaining why that happened.
:bulletorange: Another case is that you have submitted someone else's work (under your own username) with a disclaimer on that deviation showing that it was someone else's effort. PLEASE only submit your OWN content (unless it's something for the Favourites folder from your own Favourites folder) :). We want your work to be credited under your own username.
:bulletorange: It might have been deemed inappropriate for the group.
:bulletorange: (Hopefully this won't happen) It may have been marked as stolen content prior to submission. Please abide by DeviantART site terms and no false reporting either!
:bulletorange: Please do not submit someone else's work into our group via the "+ Submit to a group..." link on a deviation! We WILL intervene and withdraw the submission whilst it pends confirmation from the other user because it should not be submitted to our group that way. If you like someone else's work enough, submit it to our Faves page. :).

Can my group affiliate with your group?
:bulletpink: Sure! Send us a note about it, or even simpler, just send us an admin affiliation request.

I want to be Featured in the Featured folder :please:!
:bulletgreen: Good things come to those who wait =p.

Why can't I join as Contributors or Co-Founders? I have a lot to offer.
:bulletblue: If you are interested, feel free to send us a note BUT don't expect to be accepted as a group admin just because you asked ^^;. That is not a guarantee, you will be kept in mind for future reference though ;).


Hello! I'm Chicky-the-Dragon and I'm the Founder of :iconawesometalentedsouls:.

I'm an avid writer but wanted to set up a group for people of many artistic talents :). Hopefully that's what drew you into the group!

I'm forever organising stuff behind the scenes for us with our brilliant Admin team B-) and hope to have some activities introduced soon for your personal entertainment! We'll keep you posted on that.

:megaphone: I'm also on the lookout for more admins so please note me or the group if you're interested.

Want more info on me? Check my profile xD.

Enjoy the group and rock on :party:!









Our Dream Team :aww:

We're the team that keep the group looking awesome but it's your submissions that give us the fuel. Keep up the fantastic work :clap:!

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